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about us

Our company, which produces solutions for professional sound, light, image and led systems, serves with a technological and forward-looking understanding. We continue our journey, which we have started in the sector for more than 25 years, professionally with our initial excitement. With the experience it has gained since the day it was founded and with its dynamic expert staff, it has aimed at long-term friendships with its customers instead of short-term gains. 

Our Application Areas;

  • All open and closed areas

  • conference rooms

  • Shopping malls

  • Hotel, Cafe, Restaurant, Bar, Disco

  • Hospital, School, Mosque

  • Cinema and Theater Halls

  • Studio and Recording Rooms

  • Dj Equipment;

Our understanding of top-level service in the field combines with our professional perspective. Our company, which offers the most suitable solution to customer demands with the brands it represents, follows the ever-growing and developing technology moment by moment and produces fast solutions to expand its field of activity. It provides reliable services in project-based application, dealer requests, transportation to the end user and technical service.


With the experience it has gained since the day it was founded and with its dynamic expert staff, it has aimed at long-term friendships with its customers instead of short-term gains. Our main goal is to meet the needs and expectations of our customers in the Professional Sound-Light-Led Systems sector with our developing service range, to ensure their satisfaction and to achieve long-term friendships, to be a reliable company that is always preferred for our customers and business partners.

Our working zones:

  • Audio systems

  • Light Systems

  • Display Systems

  • Dj Equipment

  • Conference Simultaneous

  • Led Display

  • Laser Systems

  • Weak Current Systems

  • Camera & Fire Systems

  • Digital TV

We provide 24/7 sales-installation-maintenance-technical service-project-consulting services to the places where they are needed.

A good product alone is not enough to offer a complete solution. Good service and experienced technical service are essential. Individual contacts are important. Not only do we constantly provide quality information about our products, we are constantly improving ourselves with the feedback we receive from our customers.











Our Mission

Our biggest principle; To produce solutions in accordance with the vision of the customer, to establish healthy, honest and fast communication with the customer. Because we do not think about our relations with our customers in the short term. We know that they know how reassuring it is to work with us when they need it. They know that we always think the best for them.


our vision

To be able to meet customer needs as soon as possible without compromising the principle of customer satisfaction. To continue our work within the fast communication network. To manage our processes without compromising the principle of trust in each other. To be the company that directs the market with our global brands in the international market.


We come together and explore to offer the right solutions for your needs and to meet you.


As a result of mutual negotiations, our project design team offers you the project according to the most appropriate category.


After the discovery and project design, we offer various offers with different product groups consisting of our own brands according to your needs.


If the agreement is approved, our technical team performs the installation in the fastest and most professional way and informs you about the definition and use of the products.

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