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  • All the products we sell are under the guarantee of the importer or manufacturer company, and the repair or replacement processes are carried out by the guaranteeing company and its authorized services. The warranty period of the products is specified in the product details (Minimum: 2 Years, Maximum: Lifetime). Keep the Invoice or the Warranty Certificate, if any, accompanying the product (Invoice is valid instead of the warranty certificate).

  • You can have your defective product repaired or replaced under warranty by applying to the nearest authorized service, which you can find from the warranty certificate or user manual, together with the invoice and/or warranty certificate.

  • You can have your defective products checked by our technical service department.

  • For products with a serial number, authorized services can easily find the warranty coverage from the serial number of the product and start the repair process, but you will get faster results with an invoice or a warranty certificate. 

  • The new products you receive that are defective in their packaging are classified as “defective new products”.

  • You must send such products, in their original packaging and with all accessories, directly to Pulsarpro Ses ve Işık Teknolojileri A.Ş. "as you received it". Label, tape, text etc. in its original packaging. should not .

  • There are 3 alternatives for these products; repair, exchange or return. Therefore, you must send the product with a note expressing your request.

  • The shipping costs of the products in this category are covered by the BUYER.

  • The duration of the transaction for the products received by us, the change depending on the stocks of the supplier firm , the return depending on the report to be given by the authorized service, the repair again depending on the repair time of the authorized service. Our company will try to finalize your transaction as soon as possible by applying the necessary sanctions to the suppliers and authorized services in order not to make you a victim.

  • When we receive the product, a notification number will be sent to you by e-mail so that you can track your defective product, and with this number you will be able to track the status of your defective product.

  • The situation you need to pay attention to: all shipments to us must be made with contracted cargo companies.

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